How Top Natural Skin Care Brands in India Are Growing

How Top Natural Skin Care Brands in India Are Growing
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How Top Natural Skin Care Brands in India Are Growing?

The skincare industry in India is complex because of the diverse choices of consumers. Especially last year, the skincare and beauty industry was at an all-time high. With increasing awareness about skincare, more people are inclining towards opting for such products to maintain their appearance. 

All the trends during the pandemic led to drastic changes in the industry. From opting for natural products to focusing on an elaborate skincare routine, things are changing as customers are becoming more informed. 

Several companies are leading in the industry because they maintain a long-lasting relationship with their clients. Individuals are now understanding the significance of skincare and the trends on social media certainly fueled the growth of skincare brands. Here are some reasons why the top brands of skin care are growing in India like never before. 

Top Skin Care Brands in India

Beauty standards 

Undoubtedly, Gen Z and millennials are particular about how their skin looks. Back in the day, lotions and cleansers were the only products in a skincare routine. However, now individuals are realising how important it is to retain your skin before it gets too late. 

With access to unlimited information, it is easy to find out what is good for your skin and what is not. As the demand for the products keeps increasing, the companies keep growing to reach the top. Nowadays, the beauty standards are preset and everyone is adapting to them gradually.

Experimental audience  

Before buying any product, customers now verify it on various websites. From checking the reviews, seeing whether the product works or not to researching about the brand, the clients do it all. Natural skin care brands have an edge over the others in such cases. 

Consumers study the product to see if it is sustainable, made up of natural ingredients and environmentally friendly. Nowadays, consumers are ready to buy expensive products which are sustainable and conscious rather than cheap products that cause harm to the environment. This awareness is leading to the exponential growth of skincare brands in India

Natural Ingredients 

Natural and organic are some of the popular words in the beauty industry these days. After the DIYs went viral in the lockdown, consumers are switching to natural products. Paraben-free, sulphate free and ammonia free are some terms you may have heard. Using natural ingredients can do a whole lot of good to your skin. 

As the consumer base is shifting towards ethical living, natural products are gaining momentum. Customers are now looking for products that are free of harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. The gain of knowledge in consumers is making them choose products that will suit their skin. 

Developing a routine  

With the launch of elaborate skincare routine products in India, consumers are having more choices now. From cleansers, toners, serums to face masks, you can now build your natural skincare routine that suits your skin the best. 

Moreover, the AM and PM skincare routine is becoming very popular that is leading to the launch of more products. The hype of natural products like jade rollers and gashua stones is incredible these days. Consumers do a lot of research before finalising any product. Natural products can easily win the hearts of people because of their endless benefits. 

Impact of influencers 

The last few years were all about promoting natural products and saying goodbye to the toxic chemicals. Since the pandemic, the trends on social media suggest that natural products are talk of the town. Dermatologists on social media greatly influence the minds of users and they too are inclining towards going natural. 

Customers are adapting to this new age trend and searching for more feasible options. Also, the minimal make-up trend has led users to focus more on their skincare routine. Minimalistic products that can achieve skin goals are the new makeup for consumers. 

Making good choices 

Ever since the consumers are researching how the product is made, the ingredient that goes into it and the packaging of the product, customers are switching to more sustainable options. Nowadays, everyone looks at the bigger picture to see what will be beneficial in the long run and will not work temporarily. 

This goes both ways: for the skin as well as for the environment. With this increasing consciousness in the consumers, natural brands are experimenting a boost in their business. Not only this, brands that were once known for using toxic chemicals are now coming out clean and manufacturing natural products. 

Embracing the traditions 

The use of ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils, turmeric powder, onion oil and other such ingredients date way back in Indian history. With so many DIY’s that were the secret recipes of the beauty of the Indian women, these ingredients are now present in the products themselves. 

This gives a sense of belonging and trust to the consumers so they bend more towards the natural products. You may have seen advertisements of such brands that promote the Indian traditions and customs which fuel the natural product campaign even more. It’s about time that we start welcoming our long lost traditions.  

Result-driven products 

Customers trust the natural ingredients but that is not enough. When the top brands show the results of success stories of the users, the credibility of these brands increases. Easy accessibility of these products is yet another reason why consumers prefer them. 

Social media plays an important role in the branding of any product. These points enable the consumers to decide whether a product is good or not. Such factors influence people in making a shift towards natural products. Skin care brands in India are experiencing major growth for all the right reasons and consumers are open to all new possibilities. 

Final Words 

These were some factors that are contributing to the exponential advancement of natural skincare brands in India. Consumers are looking more into product formulation which is a great thing. Natural products are emerging in the global space and not only in India. The expectations from natural skincare brands are only increasing.

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